Sound is our first love. It's where all begins.

Our professional sound engineers and experienced DJ's are the main piece of the system.

The audio quality is granted by our excellent and up-to-date equipment such as digital mixers and exceptional speakers.


Our fixed and temporally installations are always build with extreme precaution to be the most discreet as possible.


DJ sets, concerts, recording, conferences, karaoke, nothing is impossible!



Bring the magic of lights to sublimate the moment. With it, every room could become wonderland.


Architectural illumination, club lighting, concert, ... we do it all!


Moving heads, scanners, LED spots, lasers, ... we have everything to suit your needs...with the expertise of our lightmen.




Web streaming and big screens are now a major benefit for your event.


LED screens and video projectors allow the audience to see what's append on stage or to add fantastic graphics and improve the live experience.

In conference and business events, they are used for PowerPoint presentation and more, ...


Streaming of your event on YouTube or other platforms bring it to the whole world. Our system allows a question/answer exchange in real-time during a keynote for example.


Our team could also edit all the images as a movie. it will be a great souvenir or promotional item.

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​